Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arlington, TX Portrait Photographer: Jen's Awesome Glam Session!

Hello friends and followers! I have another great session to share with you today. I've been working with lovely Miss J for a few months now (this is our 3rd session) and with each session that we have, it just keeps getting better and better. Mind you that she has had no prior modeling experience except only with me, so she was excited to do this as much as I was. But this time, I had a plan and wanted to dress her up a little. So, I spent some time thinking of what we can do to rock this session. I wanted to be able to capture some on film as well. And for those who follow me, you would know that I am a very avid Sue Bryce fan.

Her basic rules are: chin to shoulder, shift hands, connection, hourglass, body language, and assymetry. And although I've done this before with her, it felt "lacking" because it really was just practice for me, and she wasn't dressed up really pretty. So, this time, we did it for real, and I made a nice flowy dress made of a pink satin corset and tulle skirt.

Third times the charm! What can I say, Jen just really rocked it!



~ I believe every woman is beautiful. Embrace yourself and your inner beauty will shine through. Why wait, when you're perfect now?

Filmed by: MJ Nolte and Emmarie Jackson
Edited by: Emmarie Jackson
Makeup by: Emmarie Jackson
Hair by: MJ Nolte



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