Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Arlington,TX Portrait Photographer: My Glamour Session with Allison

Hello friends and fans! I know I am so behind on these blog posts...I took a break from blogging since I finished my last wedding, and it feels great to have had some time to rest and just shoot without any pressure.

This year will be a little different for me. I started out as a wedding photographer, but for those who follow me will know that I am slowly establishing my brand as a Glamour Photographer. Its not very easy, so I've been practicing to get this down spot on. Its actually a lot of fun working with the girls who model for me. It gives me the feeling of being at a fashion show. I'm sure my (inexperienced) models feel the same way, and I'm happy that I can give them that supermodel-like feeling even for just a couple of hours. Its amazing how they transform by shifting their attitudes into something so positive as soon as they see the first image straight out of the camera. Its almost like they feel like a Goddess...

So today's post is on my session with beautiful Allison. Yes, she is a Goddess.


P.S. I am featuring my first video "webmercial". Filming is courtesy of the lovely Michelle of MJNolte Photography.


~ I believe every woman is beautiful. Embrace yourself and your inner beauty will shine through. Why wait, when you're perfect now? 

Allison: I am a Goddess... from Emmarie Jackson on Vimeo.


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