Monday, December 24, 2012

Destination Wedding Photographer: Kenn & Jenn's Wedding Highlights

Hello friends and fans! I am so excited to bring you today's post. Its been weeks since my last wedding post and this post actually marks a milestone for me. This is my first destination wedding,  and first time to use off camera flash- with a speedlite.

A few weeks back, I brought you the before and after session with Kenn and Jenn in Las Vegas. As you already know, I was fortunate this year to work with the lovely Michelle of MJNolte Photography, that we had teamed up to shoot Kenn and Jenn's fabulous Destination Wedding in Las Vegas, NV. As we were on our way home, we missed our flight and got stuck at McCarran Airport for 12 hours. This gave us time to edit what we had just finished shooting at Red Rock, The Mirage and the graffiti district. So this time, I am bringing you the highlights of their wedding day.

But before I do, I would like to express my deepest gratitute to the lovely couple- Kenn and Jennifer for giving us this wonderful opportunity. We had such a great experience with the exception of the travel, where I got stopped at security to have my speedlite examined- I thought we were going to miss our flight on the way to Vegas. I completely forgot that I was travelling on a Thursday and left the house later than I should have. Traffic was a mess, but nevertheless, Michelle was there to assure me that things were going to be alright...luckily they were.

So we headed to Vegas with loads of equipment and memory and had a blast. Here's another one for team Jolte/Noltson....haha....we're still kind of working on that one.

Stay tuned for a couple more wedding posts in the next few weeks. In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all of my followers! And thank you for following!








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  1. Nicely done. Great post and I love the picture of the groomsmen!