Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Destination Wedding Photographer: A Beautiful Day for a Beachside Wedding at the Florida Keys Part 1

I had waited for this day with much anticipation and excitement! This is my second destination wedding this year, although...really, this was the very first one that I booked. The date that Ashley and Andre got married came after my Las Vegas stint with Kenn and Jenn which was my last post. I am really excited to share this with everyone because I have always wanted to do a beachside wedding. Not only that, but this is the very first time you will be seeing men wearing the "Barong". The "Barong" is the native Filipino formal wear made of pineapple fiber typically worn at special ocassions such as weddings and parties. While living in the Philippines, I've gotten so bored of seeing it worn everywhere I never thought I'd get this excited to see it this time especially at a beachside wedding at the Florida Keys.
The wedding was simple, yet beautiful and elegant. It was a perfect day outside with a good balance of clouds and sunlight. I arrived early at the scene, which worked out perfect since I was able to capture the preparation which we had not planned on doing. My flight from DFW to Key West arrived at 11:21 am, but it didn't cross my mind at the time that check in at the hotel was 3:00 pm. Problem was...where to put my bags? Luckily, Ashley was so kind enough to let me bring them over to her suite, which gave me the opportunity for an early start. By the time I arrived at the hotel suite, Ashley was "makeup ready" and I had enough time afterwards to dash over to Andre's suite for a few of the groom shots I seldom get to do. But since I was working solo this time, I had to find time to do it.
So, here is today's post, which is Part 1 of Ashley and Andre's wedding at the Florida Keys. These are selected highlights of the wedding preparation and ceremony. I'll be bringing you Part 2 in the next week or so with highlights of their reception!
Until then! Hope you enjoy!


 This is oh so cute!

 The "Barong". I couldn't find anywhere to hang this until I found a dress hanging on the lamp in one of the rooms. Turned out to be a great idea!

 The "First look". Can you see the wedding party in the background cheering them on?


 Ashley's mom Barb could not make it to her wedding, so they had "Skyped" her in for the entire evening. This is her talking to the newlyweds.


  1. What a gorgeous wedding! Fantastic shots. Wishing the best to the beautiful couple.