Monday, October 29, 2012

Destination Wedding Photographer: Texas + Connecticut = Las Vegas!!! Part 1

Hello friends and fans! A few weeks ago, you may have read about my reminiscing over the very first wedding I photographed on my "dear Diary" blog. Well, this is another special post because I am celebrating another "first". Over the weekend, I've had the priviledge along with my dear friend Michelle of MJ Nolte Photography to be a part of a much anticipated destination wedding in Las Vegas, NV. After 10 great years of togetherness, Kenn and Jenn finally decided to tie the knot, and what a great celebration it was.

I am very thankful to today's technology, because of the wonderful world wide web known as the internet, I was able to come across this great opportunity. Who would have thought that the couple I photographed lived in Connecticut, and that they would find thier photographer in Dallas, TX? So, you can just imagine the planning that went into this wedding- not only for the couple getting married, but also for us photographers. From paying $40 to carry on a bag, to missing our flight and being stuck 12 long agonizing hours at McCarran International Airport, the travel experience was the only thing that I regret. At least I was able to get some time to do a few edits during the long wait.

Kenn and Jenn have been absolutely wonderful hosts. They made sure that Michelle and I were taken care of, which is why we were both so happy to oblige fulfilling any of their requests. In the end, not only did we gain a great experience, but we also gained great new friends! Anyway, here is a sneak peek of the sessions we did the night before the wedding, and the day after. I will be bringing you more of their wedding that took place at the Rainbow Gardens in a few weeks. For now, I present to you our adventures from Red Rock Canyon, the graffiti district, and The Mirage Casino.

P.S. Be sure check out the random group picture we shot at Red Rock below!



 We encountered a group of hikers in the desert dressed up in their halloween costumes for the evening. How random is that? We thought it was so cool so we asked for a quick picture! And yes, that is the gingerbread man 2nd on the far left.


  1. these pictures turned out fabulous, can't wait to see the rest!! you two girls were an absolute pleasure. good luck in all your future projects!


    1. Thank you Kristine! We both had a blast meeting you and being a part of their special day! Hopefully we can meet again soon!