Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fort Worth Wedding Photographer: Birthday Wedding at the Ashton Depot

Hello friends and followers! This post is different than usual. I never thought I would accept a wedding on my birthday, but I did. I never told the bride and groom because after all- this day was all about them. And although I was exhausted by the end of the day (I also went to work in the morning) I felt good because on my birthday I was able to do what I loved doing most.

Amanda and Jordan were married at the Ashton Depot in Downtown Fort Worth. The Depot is very elegant and can also be an extravagant venue- depending on what day you get married. The place is also a historic landmark where famous and important people have had a chance to visit in the past. This is why I was also happy to oblige. We ended the day at around 11pm and I was able to capture the Skyline, thanks to my friend and partner in crime Michelle for holding my lights. I could go on about some of the other things that almost went wrong...but I won't. We had a blast, and the photos turned out fantastic!




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