Saturday, September 22, 2012

Arlington, TX Portrait Photographer: Backlighting Session with Dominique

After searching for a place for perfect backlighting, I finally found a small little spot right next to our neighborhoond 7-Eleven down the street from where I live. So, I decided to put this to the test with my four year old daughter Dominique. With backlighting, you have to choose a certain time of day for that perfect effect: either sunrise or sunset. So, in my case since my daughter goes to bed shortly after the sun sets, I had to do it in the morning. So, now that I've decided it had to be sunrise, I had to find a place...Since the sun rises in the east, I knew I had to stay East.

Anyway...East it was, and the only thing I wish I could have had was tall grass. But it did the trick, and I am finally happy with the outcome :-)

Here is my Dominique in her many different expressions...


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