Monday, July 9, 2012

Fort Worth, TX Wedding Photographer: Stock Yards with Stacy and Matthew

There's a first for everything. And today, thank you to Stacy and Matthew, it was my first time to shoot at the Fort Worth Stock Yards. I must admit, I got lost trying to find my way...then again I always get lost whenever I'm downtown anywhere. Haha.

I've only heard about the Stock Yards and seen a few pictures from other photographers. There were a lot of colorful murals and walls which make a great backdrop at the same time giving that "country" feel that was very Fort Worth. We were actually supposed to have this engagement session last week, and also have a few shots taken at the old warehouse off Lancaster, but had to reschedule for today due to rain. Yet again, rain was in the forecast, so we had to be quick. Sadly, we didn't make it to the warehouse but we did get some great shots at the Stock Yards.

You know me, I LOVE clouds. You will find at least 1 HDR shot. So, here are Stacy and Matthew at their engagement session at the Historical Fort Worth Stock Yards.

Next week will be my bridal session with Veronica at the Las Colinas canals. I hope you can join me then!


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