Saturday, June 16, 2012

Irving, TX Wedding Photographer: Anniversary with Dawn and Clarence at the Las Colinas Canals

It's been a while for Dawn since she and Clarence had their pictures taken. Actually, if I remember correctly, she says they've never even had wedding pictures. As a photographer, I value pictures, as I myself am scheduled to have my own anniversary session next month, so I know it would be a very big deal to have a formal photo session as a keepsake of their long and happy marriage. I was heavily moved by her statement, so I did my very best to capture raw emotion and turn them into life long memories.

I know last week I mentioned that we would be at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. I was reluctant to go. It's been over a year since I was last there, and from what I've heard, a few rules and fees had changed since then. So, as I was checking my July calendar and noticed that I had a bridal session at the Canals, I suggested we change the venue. It was my very first time to shoot at the Las Colinas Canals. It personally is my new favorite spot. It has the perfect balance of romance, great lighting and shade, with a very Venetian feel. There's something about it that is just captivating- old, yet breathtaking. It was just perfect.

I know you've waited for the photos. So here is the sneak peek of Dawn and Clarence celebrating their anniversary in style :-)

Until next time!

P.S. Bianca's wedding is this Friday!!!!!


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