Sunday, June 17, 2012

Personal Post: Aim high and dream big. Teach your children to catch a shooting star

This post is a very special one. Since I started my blog early this year, this is the first time that one of my posts will actually be about me. The photos posted on this post are a reflection of how I dream for my children and how I strive every day to teach my oldest daughter to "dream big" and reach for the stars.

I still consider myself a new parent, with my oldest daughter only 4, and my youngest at 6 months, I'm still learning how to deal with them at a level that they will respect me as a parent, yet know that I am also their friend. I never knew how to love a child until my oldest daughter was born. And now that she is 4 years old, I I've learned that loving a child compares to no other feeling in the world. When I used to hear this from other people, I thought..."you must be exaggerating". But now I know it's true. I can't even describe how I feel when I'm with both my children. I have big dreams for them, and I would certainly do anything for their happiness and success.

However, all things come to an end. One day, I know that they will leave me to live a life of their own. So, at this point in their lives and mine, I am slowly trying to learn to let go a little every day. My point is, I don't know what will happen to them. Would they ever go to college? Would they even finish High School? A parent can only hope. But what we can do for them is help them build their confidence. Teach them to trust in themselves and above all teach them to aim high, dream big and always try to catch a shooting star. They will remember everything you tell them...because I certainly did.



  1. Oh Emm, that is a beautiful post. I especially love the picture of Nicki with the suitcase.

  2. I didn't even realize you posted a comment! Lol. Thank you!!!