Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Personal Post: Memorial Day Session with My Kids

This year Memorial Day fell on the 28th of May. This also happens to be my baby girl Sofia's 6 month birthday. So, I figured, since I have the day off, why not do a quick mini session with her? Of course, if I photograph Sofia, my 4 year old Nikki will want to join in too. That's how it usually works.

I keep telling clients and friends that kids under 6 are usually the hardest to photograph. You have to be fast, you need to have fast equipment to be able to capture that "spit second" smile or pose. That's one of the reasons why I have quite a few that are blurry and I struggle with having to sharpen them in photoshop. However this time, I got lucky and came up with a few good ones of even the two of them together. I only wish I could have had one with Sofia smilling under the blanket, but she quite isn't strong enough to prop herself up right long enough to look happy. I guess I can always try that next month.

Anyway, here are my future super models. For those who follow me on facebook, you already know I'm planning Nikki's high school senior photoshoot for Paris France :-P.....13 more years to go. Lol.

Hope you can join me next week for my first wedding of the year!


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