Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dallas, TX Wedding Photographer: Deep Ellum TX, with Bianca and Casey

This would be my second time in Deep Ellum, Downtown Dallas to do a shoot. Deep Ellum is known for it's rich colored art and murals. This is definitely a favorite spot for those who want an "urban" feel to their photos. I wasn't very pleased with the outcome the first time, since I chose the wrong time of day on the right mural. I chose to do a shoot on a mural that faced the sun directly at 10:00 am. The end result was not very flaterring on my model. Part of her face looked a little washed out even though the photograph didn't turn out too bad. However, this time was a huge success on two reasons. The first reason being that it was an engagement shoot (I usually do better with two subjects), and the second, that it was overcast and heavily cloudy. We were actually expecting it to rain very hard, which is why my rockstar husband decided to come with me to help in case it did, to protect both myself and my very expensive equipment :-)

Anyway, so let's talk about Bianca and Casey.

Bianca found me because my husband Steve is a VERY regular customer at Gamestop, where she works. First of all, let me give props to Gamestop at the Parks Mall in Arlington for always taking good care of us :-) So of course we had to hook her up with a good deal. Needless to say, our newest soon to be addition to our Xbox family of consoles...yes, you read that right....CONSOLES (our third) is courtesy of Bianca. So now, you see why Steve had to come along? Again, I digress....

So, long story short, it ended up not raining, I had to take advantage of the weather while I could. Both Bianca and Casey were such great sports, they did whatever they had to to get great shots. Sit, squat, bend, dip, you name, here is the product of our session.

Its such a great feeling when I make couples feel like rockstars! Kinda makes me feel like one myself (wink)

Well, tomorrow is part 2 of my session with the Howard Family. Thanks for following!



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    1. Nope, no rain. I was a little disappointed but glad at the same time. We would have been limited with the it was COLD!