Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fort Worth, TX Portrait Photographer: 1 Year old baby Jacob

Today was a great day for photographing babies. I started off my morning with my two girls pretty in pink. My eldest daughter Nikki is actually getting sick and tired of posing for me, but nevertheless she is such a great sport and gave me a couple great shots. She did such a great job despite the fact that she was still sore after getting her 4 year shots at the doctor's office yesterday....then again, I digress.

My post for today is about my shoot with baby Jacob who turned 1 year old yesterday. One year olds are a little harder to photograph because they start getting distracted and are a little more mobile. They start walking and crawling around. I remember Nikki at that age and not getting as great photos of her as I did when she was 6, maybe 7 months old. But Jacob was actually pretty easy to entertain, especially towards the end when he started getting comfortable in the basket poses we did. He seemed like he didn't want to leave :-) Mom did a great job herself with the portrait poses, I just had to share them. Please see for yourself. Just click on the image to enlarge it.

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